Why live here?

At The Civic, it’s all about a modern, upscale, urban, active lifestyle. Its location, on the northern edge of downtown, is close to everything. Walk a few blocks north and explore Midtown’s energetic mix of restaurants, coffee shops and unique retail. A quick stroll south finds you enjoying the award-winning gardens. Immediately east is the acclaimed Museum of Art, and across the street to the south is the City’s Art Deco masterpiece, the Civic Center Music Hall, with concerts and performances every week of the year. Life is lively in the Urban Core, and condominium ownership at The Civic is fun, convenient and attainable.

Reasons why you should live in The Civic OKC

Oklahoma City is a bustling place in America because of the improving businesses of different companies located there. A lot of people strive to work in its business district since that is the best place to start a management career. However, the difficulty lies in the number of living spaces available in the area. Fortunately, The Civic OKC is here to accommodate you and provide the home you need while you build your career!

The Civic OKC is the ideal place to live in, and there are so many reasons why you should consider living here. Continue reading this article to find out more about them.

  1. The Civic OKC is near to multiple landmarks

Living in the city means that you would be exposed to streets, cars and lots of pollution. Sometimes, it can feel suffocating since there are a few sights to see and there are not many views to enjoy. Luckily, the developers of The Civic OKC successfully found a place that holds a perfect balance between greenery and city life.

When you move into The Civic OKC, you have the chance to visit these stunning landmarks:

Myriad Botanical Gardens

The Myriad Botanical Gardens is one of the largest and most vibrant green spaces in Oklahoma. It is 15 acres big, which means that you have a lot of flowers to discover inside this beautiful meadow. Aside from that, the gardens are multipurpose, so you would notice a couple of events popping up inside the vicinity. 

Oklahoma City Museum of Art

For an eye-opening and creative triggering experience, you are free to visit the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Visiting this place is a great chance to broaden your mind by understanding the different messages of each art piece. On top of that, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art offers film shows that present thought-provoking short films created by talented filmmakers.


Have a breezy and wonderful time when you head to Oklahoma City’s Bricktown. This is a place where you can find a long river with bridges that you can cross. You can even get to ride the canal boats so that you can see the town from a different perspective. Additionally, Bricktown is famous for the entertainment it offers. Lots of restaurants and shops are built beside each other, and each one invites you to try out their services.

Civic Center Music Hall

If you are a big fan of watching live and high energy performances, you should check out the shows held at the Civic Center Music Hall. The theatrical shows in this place shuffle every week or month, which can be exciting since it frequently offers something different. In terms of space, it has a seating capacity of 2,477.

Skydance Bridge

Get ready to be stunned when you walk along the road that leads to Oklahoma City’s Skydance Bridge! The humongous pedestrian bridge allows you to walk along with it and let cars pass by to reach the next town. In terms of appearance, the bridge is painted with a solid white colour, and its design is similar to a pair of standing scissors. At night, the Skydance Bridge lights up and shows wonderful bright coloured lights.

  1. It is within the business district of Oklahoma City

It is a dream for most people to live in a place that is near your office building. This is because you do not need to worry about the traffic when commuting. Most importantly, you get extra minutes of sleep since you do not need to wake up early.

When you live in The Civic OKC, you will experience this kind of convenience! Gone are the days when you arrive late to work due to road obstructions and waking up late. The best part is that you are making yourself active due to walking to and from work.

  1. A safe and secure neighbourhood

Security is something that you should consider whenever you look for a place to move in. You need to consider the location of the building to see if any burglars can access the doors and windows. Aside from that, you also need to check the crime rate to determine how often people get mugged in a year.

The location of The Civic OKC is along the busy streets of the city. This means that the streets nearby are well-lit. The building has 24/7 staffed hours so that your safety is ensured. Additionally, all floors and corners of the building have state of the art surveillance cameras that will record everything that happens throughout the day.

  1. Experience the feeling of homeownership

It feels nice when you buy something using your hard-earned money. Doing this gives you ownership of that object or property. This applies when you start owning or renting a condo unit! As you enter and exit your unit, you would experience this positive feeling rushing through your body. This is the feeling of success, contentment and homeownership.

  1. Free usage of amenities

The Civic OKC boasts amenities that its residents can enjoy to the fullest. Here are the perks you get to enjoy when you move in:

Swimming pool

Sometimes, all you need is to dive into the blue waters of a warm swimming pool. It can make you stop thinking about all your worries and has therapeutic benefits. One of them is giving you inspiration and a new perspective on how you can tackle your problems. Additionally, doing a couple of laps in the pool is a good form of exercise that tones your body and raises your heart rate.


Jumpstart your fitness goals by hitting the gym in The Civic OKC! Here, you will find the following:

  • A complete set of weights
  • A squat rack
  • A bench press rack
  • Barbells
  • A complete set of barbell plates
  • Benches
  • Treadmills
  • Cable machines that target different muscle groups
  • A free area for you to do floor and other exercises.

Aside from that, The Civic OKC gym offers training programs that will help you achieve your goals. Also, the coaches here will teach you how to execute the proper form and note down your performances. 

Parks and greenery

In The Civic OKC, you also have the chance to unwind and release stress by staying at the parks and greenery of the establishment. All plants and trees found here are natural, which gives you a breath of fresh air that cleanses your mind. Additionally, this space is good for children to play with their friends since there is also a playground near the vicinity.

Pet parks

Aside from child playgrounds, The Civic OKC has a special park where you can train your pets and allow them to play. Here, there are multiple obstacle courses laid all over the ground, and each one teaches your dog or cat a different skill. Moreover, this is also the place where you can let your pets socialize with others, which can further improve their behaviour. 


At the topmost floor of The Civic OKC, a beautiful and large conservatory awaits you. It appears as a large glass dome with white frames outlining the building’s edges. Besides that, you can also dine here since there are multiple comfortable tables and chairs you can use.

  1. Pet-friendly

You do not have to worry about leaving your pet behind since The Civic OKC allows pets in the establishment! With this freedom, you also need to abide by the responsibilities of an owner. Here are some to give you an idea:

  • Cleaning after your dog/cat
  • Keeping your unit clean to avoid the accumulation of bad odours
  • Training your dog with proper behaviour so that there would be no fights with other pets
  • Be wary of your pet’s howling or meowing since it can disturb your neighbours.
  1. The convenience is unparalleled

Living in a condominium is convenient since you are near malls, grocery stores and other shops. With this kind of setting, everything you need is within your area, which means that travelling far for something is unnecessary. Additionally, you can get anything you need in just a matter of minutes!

  1. Cheaper association dues

All residents of The Civic OKC are paying equal condo dues that fund the maintenance of the establishment. This pays for any destruction or repair that needs to be done so that your surroundings remain new and clean. If you happen to not pay your association dues, you will be fined per month, which can increase your total bill. 

  1. Enjoy a stunning view of Oklahoma City

The Civic OKC holds the most stunning view of Oklahoma City! You can easily view the tall skyscrapers from the distance and enjoy the sun setting on the horizon.

Moving into The Civic OKC is one of the best experiences ever. Enquire now for the available units remaining.