Five important factors in choosing a condo unit

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting decisions anyone could make but it’s also one of the most daunting. If you want to live somewhere new, then you need to consider a few factors for your safety as well as comfort. Here are everything you need to consider before opting to buy a new condominium unit:

Which corporation owned the building

A condominium is primarily sold per unit and you get permanent ownership of one of many properties in this vertical infrastructure. However, the entire building is owned by a company or corporation that handles its staff as well as commercial space rentals. 

You should only buy property from a corporation you know how to handle these spaces so having a good history in real estate is ideal. The Civic OKC, for example, is hands on with its buildings’ maintenance and tending to tenants. If you are buying a condominium unit from a new corporation, then at least ensure that you have reliable means to contact them.

Security of the building and the city

On a surface level, security can be measured by the number of surveillance cameras installed, how police officers patrol in the streets, and how strict security guards are about guests. If you wish to measure it deeper, then you have to read past news articles or speak with the locals. See if there have been any signs of suspicious activities or violent engagement in at least a year. One or two separate cases are safe enough but frequent occurrences should be alarming.

Floor level where the unit is located

Considering the floor level is for both your safety and comfort. If you have disabilities, then you need floors that are easily accessible but some condominiums limit their elevators to certain floors. You have to consider that many staff members are less likely to prioritise fixing a broken elevator that only covers floors up to 15 or so. Higher isn’t always better, either, as you need access to evacuation routes in case of emergencies. 

Size of the unit and room allocation

The size of the unit you’re paying for should be worth the price. It should have enough room to be a comfortable living space or have a good room allocation if it has pre-built walls. You should have a clear vision of where the bedroom is and where it ends for the kitchen to start. Small living spaces are great enough for just one or two people but a family should have two separate bedrooms for the child’s privacy. 

Funds to pay for the entire unit over time

The most important factor is whether you have enough money to pay for everything or whether you have enough income to cover the monthly dues. This can be complicated if you are just one person with a medium income but it’s much easier if you have someone to live with who also contributes to payment. 

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