The Civic OKC: Benefits of dwelling in a condominium

Condo living is one of the hottest trends today, which became wildly popular due to the young professional generations of Gen. Y and Z. From the looks of it, these people appear to believe that living inside a tall building is the best way to spend your younger years. But what is it that makes it so amazing and appealing?

The Civic OKC has interviewed random people and asked them what are their experiences, both good and bad, in condo living. Find out what they are by continuing to read this article.

  1. The start of living independently

At some point, you will need to move out of your parent’s house and start building a home for yourself. This can happen as early as college and can also occur when you start working on your career. Either way, moving out is like the status symbol of living independently. The go-to decision of all is renting or leasing out a condominium unit in the city.

Living independently is a milestone in the life of being an adult. This means that you can make your own rules and own up to your mistakes. Aside from that, having your place means that no one can ever tell you what you should and not do in life! You have the right to make responsible decisions and do your best on surviving each day. You can experience all of this when you live in a condominium unit. 

  1. Learning new things by yourself

Living alone in a condo pushes you out of your comfort zone and start learning adult-related lessons. This can include the following:

Doing your laundry

When you used to live at your parents’ house, you had the freedom to use as much detergent and fabric softener as you wanted. Sadly, this is not possible anymore when you start living by yourself because you need to portion out your consumption. On the bright side, you get to learn which detergent is the best one from store racks. Aside from that, you also get to explore your city’s laundromats and dry cleaners.

Cooking food

Living with your family can mean that one or two people in the household are responsible for cooking meals. This also means that you do not have to pay much for buying ingredients in the grocery store. Meanwhile, living alone means that you need to learn how to cook great and efficiently. While this can be challenging, you get to develop useful skills that you need in life!


Cleaning your space is a must, otherwise, your living area will become a slum house that will only let you develop diseases. This chore can be a lazy thing to do since you would think that your floors will get dirty anyway. While this is true, you also need to realize that it is part of taking care of your surroundings. Cleaning is one way to show that you appreciate your efforts in having a condo unit since you are taking care of it.

  1. Becoming an interior designer

Renting out a condo unit can come fully furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished. Whichever you choose, you will still find your brain thinking about how you can make your new home look better and improved. This is a good sign that you are starting to develop taste for furniture and letting your creativity flow. 

Consequently, decorating your place with your favoured design vision improves your mental health. This is because you are extending your identity to your living spaces which becomes an extension of yourself.

  1. Living close to work or school

Have you ever dreamed of living in a place that is close to your school or workplace? This can become a reality when you start living in a condo unit! Cities contain lots of condo buildings and most of them are near these establishments. By renting a condo unit, you will have the benefit of waking up late without worrying about traffic or missing the first bus!

  1. Getting more fit each day

Condo buildings would always have shared amenities that current tenants can use. These include the gym and swimming pool, which are places of both leisure and lifestyle improvement. By simply using either of them, you are giving your body the chance to become healthier and stronger!

The best part of this is that you do not need to subscribe to a gym membership since you already have one, which is inside your condominium. So, make sure to get the best out of it to enjoy your time working out.

  1. Learning how to budget wisely and properly

Now that you are living by yourself, you need to learn how to correctly spend your money. Gone are the days when you splurge every bit of penny on items that you probably will not use in a few weeks. This is because your needs overpower the wants whenever you start making a budget list for the month.

Here are some tips on how you can manage your finances:

  • Write down your monthly salary. From there, make sure to save at least 20% of it, then the rest will be for your needs and bills.
  • For the bills, always put your rent and utilities first. These always come to you monthly and you need to have a mindset that you cannot miss paying on the due date. Otherwise, you need to pay for the additional fees including the payment for the month.
  • As you set aside money for bills and rent, you should divide the remaining amount for grocery shopping and miscellaneous expenses.
  • If any money remains, you have the opportunity to spend it for your wants or add them to your savings account.

Proper budgeting is key in surviving a month’s worth of challenges. This also motivates you to save more so that you can give yourself a better quality of life in the future!

  1. Your condo unit is also a real estate investment

There is a reason why people strive to own condo units in the city, and this is because they are a form of investment. By renting out your condo unit, you are earning passive income! Having a steady tenant will let you reap the benefits of buying a unit in the first place.

Additionally, you can further increase the price of rent if you continue to maintain and improve the value of the unit. You can do this by constantly cleaning or having an lovely interior design that will attract high-rolling tenants. Also, you will reap more rewards when establishments like malls, hospitals and parks start to get erected within the vicinity.

  1. Meeting new people

Another great thing about condo living is that you get the chance to meet new people. Since each floor has multiple units, you have the chance to meet each one of them through community meetings and floor parties.

Building new connections is an opportunity for you to find out more about life and having a sense of community near home. Most importantly, you have people to rely on in case anything happens inside your unit.

  1. Lower maintenance compared to single-family homes

Single-family homes are larger in terms of space, which can be difficult to manage all by yourself. Aside from that, you also need to pay the home association fees, which are used to pay the taxes of the land as well as the maintenance of the area. In comparison to condo units, the condo dues are cheaper because all tenants contribute equally to the maintenance of the building. Most importantly, you are responsible for cleaning your space!

  1. Safety and security

All condominium buildings have quality security teams that are always on the lookout for any suspicious activity. This means that no one can easily enter the building without being interrogated by the staff on duty in the lobby. Aside from that, each floor of the building has 24/7 surveillance cameras, which is a good tool to check if there is anyone who is trying to break into a unit.

Living in a condominium will give you peace of mind because of the great security. Getting robbed will be the last thing you would ever think about, but of course, it is best to stay vigilant at all times.

  1. Enjoying your own company

Shifting to solo living can be hard, especially if you came from a big household. Despite that, living by yourself will let you appreciate the essence of living alone. This is because you are getting to know more about yourself, which is an example of self-love.

You can experience all of these amazing benefits when you choose to live in The Civic OKC. Get to know more about us by visiting our website! 

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