Check out the available condo units in The Civic OKC

Experience city life by buying or renting a condo unit in The Civic OKC. With over 40 floors, you get the chance to select from the available units that will fit your lifestyle. Each has unique features, qualities and facilities that will convince you to grab one of your own! Without further ado, here are the different condo units offered in The Civic OKC:

  1. Studio unit

A studio condo unit is the most basic you can get and it is enough for one occupant. For most condo developments, studio units can have an area of at least 15 square metres. Within its vicinity, you already have a kitchen, bathroom and open space that can act as the bedroom and living room.

This stout unit is the cheapest among the units offered, which means that it gets sold out in an instant. If this is what you like, make sure to place a call on one of The Civic OKC brokers for a reservation.

  1. Bedroom unit

Bedroom units are bigger than studios because you have a separate room for slumber. This means that your bedroom and living room is no longer merged due to the divider. Aside from this, bedroom units can have one or two bedrooms, which is enough to accommodate a family. Additionally, your bathroom and kitchen space are bigger!

  1. Loft unit

There are condominiums with rooms that have high ceilings. These are what you call loft units, which means that there is a mini-second floor nested on top of a living area. This also means that you would find a staircase that will lead you to your secluded bedroom. 

Loft units are favoured because of their dynamic and minimalistic design. Additionally, it provides an illusion of living in a large area because of the high ceilings.

  1. Penthouse

Sitting at the topmost floor of condominiums are the penthouse units. These can occupy the whole floor or a huge chunk of it. As you go inside this unit, you will be engulfed with the amount of space you have. Moreover, you have more than two bedrooms and a balcony that you can use for your lounging. 

With their features, penthouse units are the most expensive type of condo unit. Though if you have the money, you should invest in one!

Condo units can run out fast, especially when the building is located at a prime location. In fact, all units can be sold out even if the building itself is not yet erected! So, if you are considering owning one, it is best to buy a unit from the moment of its conception. By doing this, you have a higher chance of securing a good and spacious condo unit.