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downtown condo living

The Civic condominium community feels removed from the hustle and bustle, despite its quintessential city location. Its pair of three-story buildings occupy the majority of a city block in the Urban Core, tucked between the Civic Center Music Hall, and a long-established, stable residential condo community. Whether you’re looking for the perfectly-situated urban getaway or a city flat to call home, condominium ownership at The Civic is a brilliant idea.

Located in Downtown Oklahoma City, The Civic Condominiums offer residents an upscale, urban and active lifestyle. The Civic is in the center of everything , but tucked away and idyllic. This video portrays a day in the life of its residents.

“…in the center of everything, but tucked away and idyllic.”

Live fabulously and lavishly at The Civic OKC!

The quality of living is an important factor in every aspect of life. It affects your health, mindfulness and mental stability. Nowadays, this factor is not given enough highlight and importance due to the constant romanticization of grinding. While this is great for you to jumpstart a career, it also dehumanizes you due to little to no rest.

As a solution to this, the development company of The Civic OKC has decided to create a healthy and acceptable balance between rest and work. With this in mind, a state of the art and high-ended condominium planning has been pitched and it is now under construction.

About The Civic OKC

Condo living is easier, especially when your job is located at the heart of a business district. By living in high rise buildings, you have the freedom and benefit of living close to your work. That is why The Civic OKC is the newest condominium project that will be located in the busiest and bustling streets of Oklahoma City.

The Civic OKC aims to be a haven for professionals who put their careers first. Moreover, the establishment will be more likely a place of relaxation so that the people can avoid having unwanted burnouts at work. 

The theme and its conception

Dullness always exists in the mundane life of a person, which makes their lifestyle less exciting. With this in mind, The Civic OKC serves as the ‘changing point’ of someone’s life because of its overall theme: a respite from the chaos of the city.

Realistically, living in a fast-paced city can be overwhelming for some to the point that it is hard for them to adapt to that kind of lifestyle. The Civic OKC aims to provide a place for people to recuperate and gather enough energy to face what is ahead of them. 

Aligned with your goals

The Civic OKC connects to its customers on a personal level, which means that all the amenities and services of the condominium will fit the needs of everyone. With that said, this will make life a bit lighter and easier for you to handle. At The Civic OKC, no one is left behind.

Come stay with us at The Civic OKC!

The Civic OKC is open for people who are interested in owning a unit in the establishment. Right now, units are selling fast because of its prime location in Oklahoma, so it is best to get one before all units run out! Here is a list of condo units available:

  • Studio
  • Bedroom units
  • Loft units
  • Penthouse.

Connect with us

If you have any questions or inquiries, you may connect with us through our email or any of our social media websites. For condo viewings, contact one of our brokers and agents, and they will assist you.